Bridal trends are ever-changing. So much so that what’s in on Pinterest today may be out by the time your special day arrives. But classic style and beauty will always be on-trend, whether it’s a royal affair, a simple garden soiree, or a Cathedral ceremony. And that’s according to the experts at Cinderella’s Closet.

“Every bride wants to feel beautiful on their special day. Some want to feel sexy and if possible, each and every bride wants to feel their wedding dress is different and unique to them.

“When it comes to bridal gowns, this is possibly the one time in a girl’s life where she will have a designer gown made for her and tailored to her exact body shape, which will make her look just as fabulous as she possibly can.”

When shopping for the perfect gown, it’s important to think of the dress from all angles. On a day such as your wedding, all eyes will be on you, and you want them to be for good reasons! The gown should look beautiful and feel like you and your personality the whole way around, not just from the front.

“The back of a gown is just as important as the front of the gown and can often be the part that adds that extra element of wow.”

It’s true. When the love of your life sees you walking down the aisle, you’ll likely leave them breathless for a moment. No harm doing that a few more times throughout the day with every spin and turn you take on the dance floor.

Now it’s time to shop for your head-topper and be a real show-stopper! “Veils will always be popular as they can add such drama and yet are traditional but there are other options like detachable trains and capes if wearing a veil is not your thing.”

Shoes are one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your wedding day. That may sound trivial at first but you’ll be on your feet most of the day and you don’t want all of your wedding memories to be tainted by pinched toes.

“Choosing the right shoes with the correct balance of comfort and beauty is essential.”

Top Tip: “There is always the option to add some shoe jewellery that can be used again and again on shoes or even on lapels or shoulders of outfits.”

When choosing what to wear on your hair, ears and wrist, you need to think about the dress and the hair style and even your own engagement ring. “Pearl never goes out of fashion due to its classic feel and ability to be worn again and again, as well as being handed down generations.”

For any bride, make sure to talk to your Bridal Consultant and they will help you choose all the elements to give you the overall look and feel to make you feel incredible on your wedding day.


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